Video content has emerged as a new way for brands to deliver their message to potential customers, especially through social media. However, many businesses have shied away from this non-traditional medium, as they are unsure of how to implement correctly, or they don’t understand the impact that video has on its audience. If you are not already experimenting with video, here are five solid reasons why you should jump on the bandwagon:

1. A video is six times more effective than print advertising.

Did you know that the average web user has been known to view 17 minutes of video ads per month? That may not seem like a lot, but since one minute of video can impact the brain in the same manner as 1.8 million words according to leading scientists, a video is, without a doubt, the medium that converts more casual web users into paying customers for your business.

2. Video is predicted to consume up to 79% of internet traffic by 2020.

This statistic shows that now is the perfect time to get started on a comprehensive video marketing campaign to get your business positioned ahead of the curve.
You should be allocating a substantial portion of your advertising budget to video marketing this year, and collaborate with the team at IMRSIV to create a strategy that is going to increase your conversion rates.

3. Nearly all online shoppers take the time to view videos.

96% of consumers have stated that they are more likely to purchase a product presented online if they have access to a detailed video. This is possibly a throwback to infomercials and home shopping networks, where a complicated product could be defined quickly in video form. This is because the medium can deliver vast amounts of information quickly and succinctly.
Consumers are more likely to respond to videos for new products and services but are also likely to react favourably to a video with a story or even with a touch of humour. Featuring your face in a video can also help to build trust with a potential customer, as well.

4. Goldfish have been Found to have a Longer Attention Span than Post-Digital Age Humans.

Goldfish, notorious for having one of the shortest attention spans in the animal kingdom, at a respectable nine seconds, while we humans now rank even lower with a shameful eight seconds! This is a result of an increasingly digitalised lifestyle that many of us lead, having its effect on the brain.
Video content is a preferred method for reaching out to a customer base. This is especially true for the emerging millennial generation, who are growing up in such an environment and aren’t exposed to anything different.

5. Websites with videos are browsed on average for 120 Seconds longer.

By using analytics on your site, you can observe this phenomenon yourself. Nearly every time, a page featuring a video will out-perform one with just straight text and images. This is because the video will engage your browser for as long as it is playing, the page that it is situated on will rank higher in Google. This will lead to future marketing opportunities, as this page will pop up when potential leads are searching for terms related to your product or service in the future. Multiple videos and those that have longer run times can increase the occurrence of elongated consumer dwell times on your page, and further benefit your search rankings organically!

Now that you know the facts, what is keeping you from getting a comprehensive video campaign started for your site? It can only help you bring in more customers by capturing attention, increasing conversion rates, and increasing your Google ranking organically. So, take the time to piece together your video marketing plan today.