A common misconception is that social media is just for the young as well as most believing it is only useful for B2C marketing, however, data tells us otherwise. Did you know, 84% of C-level buyers are influenced by social media when purchasing? Also, did you know that 65% of all people aged 50-64 use Facebook?

Last year brands made an estimated £39 billion from social media alone. We have seen a huge shift away from the traditional mediums like TV and print, and huge chunks of marketing budgets now being allocated to social media advertising and content.

It’s a no brainer when you are able to instantly reach millions of people with the capability to accurately target people who match your customer profile to market your brand – at a fraction of the cost than typical platforms.

“On average people have 5 social media accounts”

According to the data, most people have multiple social accounts, which means you have more than one opportunity to get your brand in front of them. The problem is, a lot of brands paste the same content across multiple channels which just doesn’t work. People expect different experiences and content on different channels, therefore, if your content is not bespoke to that platform you are posting on it will not perform the way it could do.

“On average we spend 116 minutes every day on social media”

People use social media to fill their time, be entertained, stay in touch with their friends and of course keep up to date with news and current events. In most cases, what they are not looking for from social, is to be sold to or told what to do. So think about it, if your audience is spending around 116 minutes of their time each day on social, what are they likely to spend time viewing?

“Last year brands made £39 billion from social media alone”

Master social media and you will be able to harness the power that comes with it. Providing people with great content, that adds value, engages and builds trust will drive more people to your brand. You will not only increase brand awareness but increase web traffic, improve search rankings, generate leads, conversions and much more.

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